HD transfer is an environmentally friendly solution that combines photographic quality and HD graphics with the ability to withstand harsh washing instructions. This makes the product suitable for most fabrics.

This effect can be used when you want to create advanced screenings and images, or when you want many colors or other effects.

It is important that the files of the artwork have a good resolution for the result to be as good as possible.

Embroidered effect

HD labels that imitates embroidered labels. Labels with embroidered effect are lighter and softer than the embroidered labels, and more comfortable to wear.

You can choose between different types of embroidered effects.



Our reflective transfers can be produced in most Pantone C colors, and the transfer have a reflective surface. We recommend to use Pantone C 877 silver metallic since this gives the best effect.

Luster transfer


Name labels ideal for workwear and branded clothing. These labels are printed in HD quality, and you can choose from multicoloured motifs – including colour pictures and other graphics – and optional embroidered effects.

The minimum order for these labels is only 3 labels per name / 15 labels per order.


Plotter transfer


The Plotter labels are single-colour contour-cut name labels. We have 18 different colours and 11 standard fonts to choose from. The delivery time is 3 days, and there is no minimum order quantity. Also available as Plotter Refleks and Plotter Flock.

Numbers and letters

We have a selection of numbers and letters in stock that are delivered within three days of ordering.Numbers and letters are used for printing names and numbers on sports suits, jerseys and other sportswear. We can also produce numbers and letters according to the customer’s own design. We supply numbers, letters and markings to many clubs in Norway, as well as to several major international clubs.


Smart transfer

This is a new and innovative solution in transfer technology that creates an interactive transfer that can communicate with the garment user. Read more.



Existing customers can order from our webshop. New customers can register here.

The normal delivery time for heat transfer labels is 5 working days. Shorter delivery times for numbers and letters. Minimum number of labels per motif: 25. This applies to most types of transfer labels. In the case of name labels, the minimum order is 4 labels per name, and minimum 20 labels per order. Minimum quantities may vary for numbers and letters.

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