Avery Dennison NTP is keen to take responsibility and make our part of the Green Shift. We have therefore made the necessary adjustments to be certified Eco-Lighthouse. We work towards satisfying requirements and implementing environmental measures on a systematic and ongoing basis in order to create more environmentally friendly operations and safer work environments.


If you want to read our annual Climate and Environmental Report, you can do this by clicking on this link, or the picture to the left.         


Grønt Punkt Norge

Grønt Punkt Norge AS, is a privately owned non-profit company responsible for financing the recovery and recycling of used packaging on behalf of the industrial sector. Avery Dennison NTP is approved as a member of Grønt Punkt Norge. As a member, you undertake to enable the sorting of all packaging sent to customers.

In practice, it means that all packaging NTP sends ouyt should be recyclable, and we pay a fixed fee per package to improve the recycling infrastructure in Norway.





Avery Dennison NTP is keen to ensure that its production and products are environmentally friendly. All heat transfer labels manufactured in-house are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they are guaranteed not to contain heavy metals, lead or PVC.

Our employees are committed to protecting the environment. We also want to protect the customer wearing garments with our labels on them. We meet OEKO-TEX’s strictest standards, which permit our products to come into contact with baby skin.

Recycling heat transfer labels and transfer paper

We have an agreement on plastic recycling with Veolia Miljø, which sends plastic waste such as transfer paper and transfer labels for recycling. The plastic is reused as plastic cups, in textile production etc. We want our environmentally conscious customers to be aware of this. We encourage all customers to contact Veolia or your local recycling company to find out about recycling schemes near you.

Technology of the future

The basis for our environmental focus lies in our outstanding and licensed production technology. The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and the Environment as well as organisations such as Greenpeace are working to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from products in the future. Thanks to our technology, we are staying one step ahead.



Avery Dennison NTP is mindful of its energy use. We are proud to have been certified by Markedskraft ASA for using 100% renewable energy. 

Markedskraft guarantees that our energy consumption comes from renewable hydroelectric sources in accordance with EECS – totalling 2,000 MWh in 2018. The electricity we use is produced by the Tysso II power station in Hordaland.