NTP have installed new machinery and employed more staff

We will significantly reduce delivery times and improve Customer Service.

- Last year we did not have a good track record for delivery time, so this year we have improved our organization. We have invested in new machines, hired more staff and restructured our production process, explains Ronny Holen, Key Account Manager.

New machinery

Holen, who is back at NTP after several years with Avery Dennison, explains that NTP have invested in new machinery to increase capacity. Machines that can work all night, if needed, and free up capacity from the operators. 

- This makes us more efficient. Production runs faster, we can increase capacity and reduce the delivery time to our customers. 

Holen also explains that the focus this year is to build stock in quiet periods. Large contracts make it possible to produce early in the year and keep a stock at NTP in Gaupne. This helps to regulate the workload, stabilize capacity and avoid ‘bottlenecks’ forming in production later on in the year.

Kristin Lien and Tom Dyrdal.

Kristin Lien and Tom Dyrdal.

Increased capacity in customer service

With the addition of two new employees, the customer service team is stronger than ever before.

- We want our customers to get quick answers and good support, says Kristin Lien, Customer Service Manager at NTP. 

Lien explains that the goal is to increase co-operation between our domestic and export service teams. This will allow us to share knowledge and work more efficiently. NTP strives to offer the best service in all markets, while still recognizing each customer’s specific requirements.

- For example, a customer like the national football team requires a different service level compared to a local shop on the corner, but we still want every customer to get high quality service and be satisfied.

Organised for maximum production capacity and continuous improvement

The re-organization during the second half of 2015 gave a more streamlined production with increased capacity for additional growth. The reporting lines are now shorter and production is more flexible. We have placed production in the middle, removed all, but one, reporting layer between operators and management, and increased the focus on added value. 

- We have a shorter path from idea to implementation. Employees can suggest their own ideas and get them implemented, instead of me sitting in my office and having an opinion. NTP’s employees have the best knowledge about what should be changed and improved, says Tom Dyrdal Managing Director.

Systematic and focused training programs

During the last six months NTP have worked with systematic training of the employees. All our operators have been given additional theoretical and practical education in Screen Printing and Serigraphy, something that makes us better suited to meet peak season with more operators than ever before. In addition we will benefit from increased flexibility in our work force. Our employees are trained in different operations and are able to work in different departments so resources can easily be re-allocated where needed. 

- With the re-organization behind us, we are now better placed to focus on production and work further with smaller improvements. It could be anything from positioning of tools to planning of operations. Many small improvements to our efficiency makes a big difference overall. The same applies to small changes in our work place environment. We want to create a culture where change is embraced by everyone. We want to be better today than yesterday, and a bit better tomorrow than today, says Adis Cengic, Factory Manager.

New innovation center

In January we opened our new Innovation Center. Located within the NTP factory in Gaupne, there is on-going work aimed at improving our products, which are then tested in our Test Center. In future, this will give us new products and processes that will benefit all customers.

- This is a long term plan to continue the development of next generation products in Gaupne. We want to improve production processes and chemical formulations without spending time on traveling, waiting and external testing, says Dyrdal.

The next step in this process is to build a serigraphy center where schools and students can get insights in our specific trade. We want to demonstrate what we do, and increase the general interest in screen printing and serigraphy trade, so that we in turn can hire educated and skilled staff in the future.

In the meantime, we will ensure that we continue to do our best to give you the quickest delivery times and best quality product.