NTP won "Leadership Excellence Award"

In December, NTP received the "Leadership Excellence Award" award from the Avery Dennison Group for its focus on integration and corporate social responsibility. The prize is awarded once a year and you can win in different categories. NTP won the award in the "Model integrity and Social responsibility" category.


NTP is a part of the Avery Dennison Group, which with its 26,000 employees is represented in over 50 countries. In order to be nominated and win such a prize, one must make a greater effort in the local community and support the environment where the employees live. Avery Dennison has a strong focus on corporate social responsibility, and this award is a recognition for those who ensure that the Group gives back to the local community.

Tom Dyrdal, CEO NTP & Mitchell R. Butier - CEO Avery Dennison

Tom Dyrdal, CEO NTP & Mitchell R. Butier - CEO Avery Dennison

One of the reasons why NTP was nominated is the work done in connection with the integration of refugees, through language practice NTP has had more than 20 refugees at work. This is a model that, in cooperation with NAV (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) and Luster municipality, has produced good results and has led to permanent employments.

Another reason is that NTP was one of three companies in Luster, which took the initiative to establish the first LOOP collaboration. This is a collaboration where three companies collaborate to offer work training to three young people who are out of work.The companies form a loop (a year wheel) where the youth works four months in each of the companies - with promise of one year's work practices together. In addition, NTP has for many years focused on adapting work tasks and adaptation.  

These measures come in addition to NTP constantly working with high standards of quality and efficiency in order to win orders and contracts in Norway and the rest of Europe. Today, the company is a world leader in terms of innovation and technology, the combination of experts and unskilled workers provides a good environment for new ideas and thoughts. According to CEO Tom Dyrdal, this work environment is one of the main reasons for the company's progress. "Our employees do a great job every day to establish and maintain this environment. This allows us to have 11 nationalities at work, with a good mix of age and gender. In addition, we can take extra initiatives to give more people a chance to work."

Dyrdal emphasizes that the price is for the entire NTP: "If not everyone was willing to help, our actions would have failed. I am pleased to lead a company that has such employees with such good values, and thinks the award is well deserved."