About Avery Dennison NTP

We are a leading manufacturer of heat transfer labels for sportswear, workwear and branded clothing.

Our factory in Gaupne, Norway, has been operating for 30 years. Our 130 employees manufacture high-quality labels for transfer onto textiles. Most of our production is sold to the Norwegian market, but we also export significant volumes to well known brands such as Adidas, Umbro and Nike.

Gaupne, Luster kommune in 1970, 18 years before NTP was born. PHOTO: NTP

Gaupne, Luster kommune in 1970, 18 years before NTP was born. PHOTO: NTP

We also sell to workwear and sportswear dealers in Europe. In addition to our own labels we also supply other products such as embroidered and woven labels manufactured by Avery Dennison internationally.


NTP was established in Gaupne in 1988. The company employed four people in the beginning but soon began to grow rapidly. In 1999 NTP took over the 5,000 sq. m. premises of the textile factory Synfiber AS. By then the workforce had risen to 34.

Gaupne, Luster kommune in 2014, 26 years after NTP was born. PHOTO: NTP

Gaupne, Luster kommune in 2014, 26 years after NTP was born. PHOTO: NTP

In 2002, fourteen years after its foundation, the company was sold to the American conglomerate Paxar and changed its name to Paxar NTP AS. Backed by a big corporation, the firm was able to improve its processes and products. It was therefore in a position to assist Paxar when the latter opened new factories worldwide based on NTP technology and knowledge. There are now several such factories, specialising particularly in textile production.

In 2007 Paxar was acquired by the American corporation Avery Dennison with more than 26,000 employees in around 50 countries. This was the beginning of the present-day Avery Dennison NTP.

The Avery Dennison group operates in 60 countries all over the world, and NTP is part of its Retail Branding and Information Solutions division. We are a Centre of Excellence for product development of heat transfer labels, offering outstanding knowledge and expertise in this field.


As a major local employer, NTP’s growth has greatly benefited the local community. In 2002 the company had an 80-strong workforce and saw a turnover of NOK 42 million. It now employs 130 people of 11 different nationalities and generates a turnover of NOK 130 million. The company is a market-leading manufacturer of heat transfer labels in Norway and works hard to be a preferred supplier. It is also growing internationally, with customers across large parts of Europe.

In a market that constantly evolves, with new technical textiles and smart solutions, it is crucial to focus on development and innovation. NTP’s innovation department and test centre in Gaupne work continually to improve existing products and create new innovations.

The company has incorporated HD quality into its transfer labels since 2010. This involves high-tech machinery for creating an incredible level of detail, great colours and visual effects.

The company aims to continue to grow in the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets, while continuing its expansion in Europe. With NTP’s broad target market in the aftersales segment and the Avery Dennison group’s solid customer base, the company is well placed to create products and processes that meet the most exacting of requirements. The company will therefore remain a market leader in the production of transfer labels and fabric printing.


Avery Dennison NTP aims to be a smart, creative and environmentally friendly business. 


With innovative products and customer tools, it should be easy to be a customer of NTP. We use high-tech machinery and focus on smart solutions.


We aim to be unique and innovative. As a retailer, you can safely offer your customers that “little bit extra” thanks to the high quality of our HD products, visual effects and outstanding colours. With our webshop and dedicated dealer pages, we have created systems in-house to make buying easier for our customers. 

Environmentally friendly

Our production is based on renewable resources, and we are committed to recycling and environmental sustainability. We use 100% renewable energy, and all our transfer products are certified Øko-Tex 2017.