Working for Avery Dennison NTP

The company has a proud history, a solid position in the market, and is committed to further growth and development. Our 130 employees of 11 different nationalities are representative of the company’s diversity and extensive experience.

Our departments: 

  • Production
  • Sales
  • Research and Development
  • Test Centre
  • Customer Services
  • Technology and Maintenance
  • Systems and Web Development
  • Finance and Administration


Our employees should rest assured that we always put safety first. And we expect the same from you: Safety first.

Although we use chemical and industrial production methods, we are proud to be «100% landfill-free». We recycle all the waste generated by production, which can then be reused in new products. We want to look after the incredible natural world that surrounds us and which allows us to use 100% renewable energy in our processes. Although we use renewable energy sources, we still try to always manage the energy we use as effectively as possible. 

All heating and cooling is created by heat exchangers, so that we can utilise all the excess energy we create in production. All lighting is controlled by photocells, and we have adopted a «lean» production philosophy.

We are very involved in the local community and support more than 40 organisations, associations and charities. In 2015 we had the honour of awarding our company award of NOK 40,000 to the Gaupne Public Health Association for their work in the local community. 

As an employee you will join us on a sustainable journey into the future, founded on our principles of safety, well-being and social responsibility. 


We are proud to be an apprenticeship business and are working closely with the local apprenticeship training agency. If you are studying production technology, chemistry and processing, IT, logistics or industrial machinery mechanics, we invite you to spend your apprenticeship period with us.

Get in touch if you want to know more.